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Easy Care Algatec - 1/2 gal


Algatec is a strong, highly effective dual-action algaecide that quickly kills all types of green algae. The product also eradicates yellow algae and black types (i.e. algae, bacteria & fungi biomass). Algatec has a powerful interaction with chlorine based sanitizers which helps to enhance algae cleanup and removal. However, this...
Easy Care Beautec - 1/2 gal


The ultimate pool surface protection for superior scale, stain and scum prevention. Provides unsurpassed surface protection aginst all stains and mineral scales. The only product that prevents both calcium and hard silica scales and works extremely well in salt generator units. Beautec's advanced Synertec formulation combines a blend of high...
Easy Care Pooltec - 1/2 gal


Pooltec Water Treatment is a multitask product that kills/prevents all types of algae growth, ultra clarifies water and is a super chlorine booster for both chlorine and salt pools. Used weekly, Pooltec synergizes with all types of chlorine to boost water quality and chlorine effectiveness. It helps increase chlorine residuals...
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Easy Care Pooltec Fall


Pooltec Fall-winter Treatment provides strong, lasting winter protection that outlast winterizing kits and other winter treatments. Pooltec gives your customers the assurance that their pool will be clean at spring opening. Pooltec is the only treatment that protects covered, mesh and even uncovered pools. Manufacturer Easy Care Manufacturer Part #...
Easy Care Scaletec Plus - 1/2 gal


High performance swimming pool calcium descaler, iron stain and scum remover-preventative. First pourable product that removes hardwater buildup throughout pool surfaces, tile and all equipment without scrubbing and acids. Pour directly into pool only. Highly effective in preventing iron, copper and manganese stains. Powerful Synertec formula provides long lasting, affordable...
Easy Care Startup-Tec - 1/2 gal


Startup-Tec surface curing treatment utilizes the "PK 3-Day Startup Method" which provides for a nearly brushless, non-acid startup of a new pool. Startup-Tec eliminates 95% or more of the normal brushing associated with new pool startups. It also eliminates the 1 to 2 weeks of tedious brushing new pool owners...