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GLB Algimycin 3000 Algaecide - 1 qt


GLB Algimycin 3000 algaecide contains two active ingredients, including zinc sulfate monohydrate, to provide long lasting protection from algae. It kills and prevents green, yellow and black algae and is stable in pool water. Compatible With Chlorine, bromine, salt water, ozone, minerals and biguanide Dosage Start Up: 18 ounces per...
GLB Strike-Out Algaecide - 1 qt


Designed to control green and mustard algae, this chelated 7.4% copper algaecide is effective and economical. Compatible With Chlorine, bromine, salt water, ozone and minerals Dosage Start Up: 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons Maintenance: 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons every two weeks Manufacturer GLB Manufacturer Part # 71114A Pool Chemical...
GLB Swamp to Swim Shock System


This two-part system turns pool water from green to sparkling blue within 24 hours. The Cal Hypo (calcium hypochlorite) blend destroys bacteria and controls algae while a specially formulated flocculant drops debris to the bottom of the pool for easy vacuum removal. Note: Must be able to vacuum to waste...
GLB Vanquish Algaecide - 1 qt


Specially formulated to treat the pink deposits that accumulate on pool walls and in plumbing, Vanquish deposit control treats pink, white and clear deposits in any swimming pool, including those sanitized with biguanide systems. Compatible With All sanitizers including chlorine, bromine, salt water chlorine, ozone, minerals and biguanide Manufacturer GLB...

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