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Sirona Spa Care Simply Oxidizer - 1 qt


SKU: 82137
Oxidizer by Sirona is a liquid oxidizer consisting of specially stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Keeps spa water sparkling clear by oxidizing organic compounds. Step 2 in 3-part system Stabilized 7.5% hydrogen peroxide Oxidizes organics and keeps water sparkling clear Used at start-up, then added weekly Please note:  replacement product for Baqua...
Sirona Spa Care Simply Waterline Control - 1 qt


SKU: 82106
Waterline Control by Sirona prevents formation of waterline deposits on the spa shell. Step 1 in 3-part system Controls and prevents deposits on the spa shell Used at start-up, then added weekly Please note:  replacement product for Baqua Spa Waterline Control
Sirona Spa Care Simply - Start Up Kit


SKU: 82121
A bromine-free, chlorine-free solution designed to keep spa water sparkling clear and relaxation ready. This start up kit features the core ingredients of the Sirona Simply Spa Care System in convenient sample sizes. This kit provides enough Simply core products to treat and maintain the average size spa for approximately...
Sirona Spa Care Simply Sanitizer - 1 pt


SKU: 82316
Sanitizer by Sirona is the principal chemical in the Sirona Spa Care Simply Water Care System. A bromine-free, chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides effective control of bacteria and protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable in elevated temperatures, and lasts longer than bromine-...
Sirona Spa Care Filter Cleaner - 1 pt


SKU: 82116
Deep-cleaning solution for filters. Removes body oils, suntan lotion, grease and other organic material as well as scale and mineral buildup from filter media. Concentrated cleaner for soaking filters Deep cleans filter to remove dirt, grease, oil buildup and scale
Sirona Spa Care Spa Down - 2.5 lb


SKU: 82104
A high pH (above 7.8) can cause scaling and/or cloudy or colored spa water. This granular product lowers the pH and total alkalinity levels and increases the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Lowers pH and total alkalinity of spa water Helps prevent scaling, cloudiness and discolored water Increases the effectiveness of...
Sirona Spa Care Natural Clear Enzyme Clarifier - 1 pt


SKU: 82128
This natural enzyme clarifier eliminates residue caused by body oils and other debris. It clears cloudy water and prevents contaminants from clogging the filter. Natural enzyme cleaner that eliminates residue caused by body oils and other debris Rapidly digests oils, lotions and organics Clears cloudy water and prevents clogged filters...
Sirona Spa Care Replenish - 2 lb


SKU: 82144
A multi-functional quick-dissolving shock and oxidizer treatment, Replenish combines the power of MPS with chlorine. Built-in pH buffers and clarifiers help keep the water sparkling clear. One-step shock and oxidizer Combines the power of MPS and chlorine Compatible with bromine and chlorine sanitizers
Sirona Spa Care Activate Granular - 2.5 lb


SKU: 82140
A powerful oxidizer, this product "activates" Enhance Bromide Salt Solution into a bromine sanitizer and works as a shock oxidizer to destroy organic contaminants such as cosmetics, perspiration and body oils. Step 2 of 2-step Sirona Enhance and Activate sanitizing system Converts sodium bromide into active bromine in the water...
Sirona Spa Care Protect Plus - 1 pt


SKU: 82108
Protect Plus is a dual-purpose liquid concentrate that protects against stains and scale formation by suspending stain-causing minerals and clarifies water with a flocculating agent to keep water sparkling clear. Dual-purpose, concentrated liquid Protects against stains, scale and rust by suspending minerals Clarifies water with a flocculating agent
Sirona Spa Care Spa Up - 2 lb


SKU: 82100
A low pH reading (below 7.2) can cause equipment corrosion or scale formation. This granular product raises the pH and total alkalinity levels in spa water and increases the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Raises pH and total alkalinity of spa water Reduces the chance of equipment corrosion Increases the effectiveness...
Sirona Spa Care Clarifier - 1 qt


SKU: 82129
Clear cloudy water fast. Spa water becomes cloudy because millions of small, suspended particles accumulate in the water. These particles are too small to be filtered out, but when you use Sirona Spa Care Clarifier, they combine to form larger particles that can be trapped by the filter to improve...
Sirona Spa Care Brominating Granular - 2 lb


SKU: 82143
A one-step sanitizer and shock that clarifies and reduces the growth of bacteria. The rapidly-dissolving granules do not leave any cloudy or insoluble residue to help maintain sparkling clear water. Fast-dissolving granular bromine One-step sanitizer and shock product Dissolves quickly and completely without leaving cloudy or residue in water
Sirona Spa Care Brom Tabs - 2.2 lb


SKU: 82135
Benefit from the effectiveness of chlorine without the chlorine odor. When used as directed, these easy-to-dose, low-odor, low-dust tablets sanitize water, keeping it clean and clear. Low-odor, low-dust tablets ideal for spas and hot tubs Sanitizes spa water, keeping it clear, clean and free of odor Provides the effectiveness of...
Sirona Spa Care Chlorinating Granules - 4 lb


SKU: 82132
Specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs, this concentrated dichlor granular chlorine effectively sanitizes and shocks hot water to help keep it clean and clear. Specifically formulated for spas and hot tubs Concentrated chlorine effectively sanitizes hot water May also be used as a shock treatement
Sirona Spa Care Foam Out - 1 qt


SKU: 82127
This concentrated formula begins working immediately to eliminate foam. Apply directly to foam and watch it disappear. Prevents and eliminates foaming and sudsing Fast-acting, concentrated solution Works in spas, hot tubs, therapeutic pools and fountains Compatible with all sanitizers

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