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Pool Blaster Battery Powered Spa Vacuum Ultra


The new Pool Blaster Spa Vac Ultra features a more powerful motor with 33% more power than the previous model. The Pool Blaster Spa Vac offers owners the opportunity to microfilter the water in their spa or hot tub while removing even the smallest dirt, debris even sand. Designed with...
Polaris 280 Black Max Automatic Pool Cleaner


The Polaris 280 Black Max is a pressure side cleaner that works off a separate booster pump. This automatic pool cleaner is designed for dark bottom swimming pools.The Polaris 280 is our most popular automatic pool cleaner. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is designed for all in-ground pools and runs off...
Pentair Automatic Pool Cleaner Booster Pump


The Pentair booster pump is especially designed to provide the ultimate performance and maximum efficiency for your pressure-side pool cleaner. Cleaner Type Pressure Side Cord/Hose Length Manufacturer Pentair Pool Type In Ground Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty Product Features Use with Legend Platinum, Legend Platinum Truck Series, and Legend Automatic...
Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum


The New Pool Blaster Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum* (Patent Pending) is completely self contained. It does not rely on garden hose pressure to get the job done. Instead, its "on-board" Motor, Transmission and Safety Clutch combine to lift leaves right off the pool floor and deposit them into its high...
Pool Blaster Catfish


The remarkable Catfish makes spot cleaning your pool or spa a breeze. The Pool Blaster Catfish, has its own powerful internal pump that quickly vacuums up dirt, debris and even small rocks. All debris are caught in Catfish's own reusable, easy to clean, large filtration bag. The Pool Blaster Catfish...
Pool Blaster Max


The Pool Blaster Max is a lightweight and powerful swimming pool vacuum. The Pool Blaster is the world's first and only rechargeable, Battery Powered, Self Contained Underwater Super Pool Cleaner. As the flagship product of the Pool Blaster Line, the Pool Blaster Max shattered the mold of traditional pool cleaners....
Hayward Tigershark Premium Caddy Cart


This caddy cart is an easy way to transport your Hayward Tigershark around your swimming pool. Cleaner Type Robotic Cord/Hose Length Manufacturer Hayward Pool Type In Ground
Polaris Booster Pump


The Polaris booster pump has been the benchmark for powerful Polaris cleaner performance. The Polaris booster pump is specifically designed to operate your cleaner at optimum cleaning efficiency. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance. Cleaner Type Pressure Side Cord/Hose Length Manufacturer Polaris
Pool Blaster Aqua Broom


Now you can easily clean the grit and debris from your spa or small pool with the Aqua Broom. This powerful cleaner uses battery power to provide up to 3 hours of cleaning time. All debris is vacuumed into the unit's own reusable, easy to clean filter bag.The affordability and...
AquaQuik Pool and Spa Vacuum


Cleaning your swimming pool or spa is a breeze with the AquaQuik Pool and Spa Vacuum. This All-In-One cleaning tool creates a suction that draws in water and debris from your swimming pool or spa as you pull the handle out. Push the handle in and the dirt is trapped...
Polaris 9350 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner 2 Wheel Drive


The Polaris 9350 Sport robotic provides exceptional 2WD cleaning performance. This cleaner seamlessly integrates bold styling and advanced engineering, making it a smarter, faster way to clean your pool. The 9350 Sport cleans all pool surface types and scrubs the floor, steps, walls, and tile line with a pleated scrubbing...
Polaris 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner


The Polaris 360 automatic pool cleaner operates without the need of a separate booster pump. This pressure side cleaner connects to a dedicated pressure line and will sweep, scrub and vacuum.The Polaris 360 is our most advanced pressure-side automatic pool cleaner that operates without a separate booster pump. The Polaris...
Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner


The Polaris 280 is designed for all inground pools. This automatic pool cleaner runs off a separate booster pump and will sweep, scrub and vacuum the swimming pool.The Polaris 280 is our most popular automatic pool cleaner. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 is designed for all in-ground pools and runs off...
Kreepy Krauly Racer Inground Pool Cleaner


The Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure-Side Inground Pool Cleaner puts cleaning into high gear with its sleek styling and aggressive pursuit of dirt and debris. Its sporty and technologically - advanced design earns the Racer cleaner the checkered flag - by cleaning in both forward and reverse modes, it can cover...
Kreepy Krauly Kruiser Inground Pool Cleaner


The all new sleek design of the Kreepy Krauly Kruiser cleaner now delivers even greater cleaning power. We've added performance features to make the Kruiser cleaner relentless in its pursuit of dirt and debris, with maximum pool cleaning coverage--all while keeping it affordable and sensationally dependable. The new Kruiser cleaner...
Kreepy Krauly 'Lil Shark Above Ground Pool Cleaner


The redesigned Kreepy Krauly 'Lil Shark cleaner has a renewed and unmatched hunger for dirt and debris. Featuring high-performance two-way cleaning, this dynamic aboveground pool cleaner scrubs and vacuums even the toughest grime...leaving you with a beautiful, sparkling clean pool. Say goodbye to hand vacuuming and routine cleaning chores and...

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