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Bradley Cold Smoke Adapter

$139.99 $119.99

The Bradley Cold Smoke Adaptor kit now enables you to do a true and simple cold smoke. Even on warm summer days! (minimum temperature is subject to ambient temperature).By moving the bisquette burner outside the smoke box, you can turn any Original or Digital Bradley Smoker into a cold smoker...
Primo Grills Grate Cleaning Bar


SKU: PG00770
Use the Primo Grills Grate Cleaning Bar to keep your cooking grates clean and free of debris. Works on most grills.Previous Part #'s: PRM770, PR770
Primo Grills Replacement Felt Gasket for Oval LG 300 and Oval XL 400 Grills


SKU: PG0177815
The Primo Grill replacement felt gasket is easy to install. Has an adhesive side so there is no need for any spray adhesives or glues. Fits the Primo Oval Large 300 and Oval XL 400 Grills.Previous Part #'s: 177815
Looft Lighter Electric Firestarter & Lighter

$89.99 $68.99

Looft Lighter I, the one, the only, the original. Okay, so it’s not like we invented fire or anything, but we made fire lighting real easy and that’s pretty darn cool.The Looft Lighter I offers the quickest, safest and cleanest way to light your grill or fireplace. It starts your...
Primo Grills Quick Lights Fire Starters - 24 Per Pack


SKU: PG00609
Use one or two Primo Grill Quick Lights to start your lump charcoal. Quick Lights strike easily on the side of the box and are the preferred way to start your lump charcoal on any grill.Previous Part #'s: PRM609, PR609
Primo Grills Ash Tool


SKU: PG00776
Use the Primo Grills Ash Tool to clean out ashes from the bottom vent door or to stir up your lump charcoal. Works for all Primo Grill models and similar ceramic grills.Previous Part #'s: PRM776, PR776
Primo Grills Ceramic Shoes - Set of 4


SKU: PG00400
Use the Primo Grills Ceramic shoes when your grill is placed on a combustible material or in a built-in application.Previous Part #'s: PRM400, PR400
Primo Grills Grate Lifter


SKU: PG00777
The Primo Grills Grate lifter quickly and easily lifts and removes the cooking grids on all Primo Grills and other similar grill racks.Previous Part #'s: PRM777, PR777
Bradley Smoke Generator w/Adapter

$189.99 $164.99

The Bradley Smoker Generator With Adaptor consists of two parts, the Smoke Generator and Adaptor. A highly versatile unit allows you to re-purpose almost any small structure, therefore your own customized smokehouse.The Smoke Generator is identical to the generator on the Bradley Original Smoker. With fully automatic smoke you can...
Primo Grills Replacement Felt Gasket for Oval 200 JR Grill and Kamado


SKU: PG0177418
The Primo Grill replacement felt gasket is easy to install. Has an adhesive side so there is no need for any spray adhesives or glues. Fits the Primo Oval 200 Junior and Kamado Grills.Previous Part #'s: 177418
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Bradley Smoker Recipe Book Volume 1


The Bradley Smoker Collector Recipe Collection is available to purchase in this easy to use fan-tail format. 56 recipes. Get the top smoker recipes and become a master food smoker. Manufacturer Bradley Smoker
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PVC Food Handling BBQ Gloves

$8.99 $4.99

SKU: 800-2001-140
These black double dipped rough PVC gloves are perfect for handling foods hot off the grill, smoker or stove. They are also great for pulling pork or for holding hot foods when slicing. Manufacturer Showa Best Glove, Inc Product Features Full PVC coating with a comfortable jersey lining.Double dipped for...
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Grate Chef Stainless Steel Wipes - 6 Pack


SKU: 401-1100
Grate Chef Stainless Steel Wipes are pre-moistened with our professional-grade formula that ‘conditions’ stainless steel - restoring to original beauty and shine.Now there is an easy way to keep your stainless steel appliances shining like new, longer. Grate Chef® Stainless Steel Wipes clean, shine and protect your grill, fridge, dishwasher...
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Bradley Sausage Hooks - Set of 4


Bradley Sausage Hooks are heavy duty chrome plated steel. The dual hooks are great for hanging sausages, fish, ribs or hams. Great for use in any smoker. Manufacturer Bradley Smoker
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Grate Chef Non-Stick Grill Wipes - 6 Pack


SKU: 101-1100
Grate Chef developed a patented process for oiling the grill grate to prevent foods from sticking. A similar method has been used in food service operations for years giving restaurant goers those beautiful grill marks and optimal plate presentation. Manufacturer Grate Chef Product Features Delivers professional-grade high heat grilling oil...
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Grate Chef Grill Fire Starters - 6 Pack


SKU: 601-1200
Grate Chef Fire Starters are packets of uniquely developed material that burns hot and clean with no harmful toxins. No More Taste of Lighter Fluid in Your Food! Manufacturer Grate Chef Product Features Burns at 1,500 degrees for about 10 minutesStart charcoal, wood, campfires, etc. with a single packetBurns clean...

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