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Primo Grills Ceramic Shoes - Set of 4


SKU: PG00400
Use the Primo Grills Ceramic shoes when your grill is placed on a combustible material or in a built-in application.Previous Part #'s: PRM400, PR400
Primo Grills Replacement Dome Thermometer

$29.00 $26.99

SKU: PG0200012
Primo Grills Replacement Dome Thermometer. Genuine Primo Grills replacement part. Fits the Oval LG 300, Oval JR 200 and Kamado Round Grills.Previous Part #'s: 200012
Primo Grills Replacement Felt Gasket for Oval 200 JR Grill and Kamado


SKU: PG0177418
The Primo Grill replacement felt gasket is easy to install. Has an adhesive side so there is no need for any spray adhesives or glues. Fits the Primo Oval 200 Junior and Kamado Grills.Previous Part #'s: 177418