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Poolife 1" Chlorine Cleaning Tablets - 5 lbs


SKU: 42104
poolife® 1" Cleaning Tablets Stabilized Chlorinator are slow dissolving and long lasting and kill bacteria, control algae and protect your pool’s chlorine from sunlight degradation.
poolife 6-Way Test Strips - 50 strips


SKU: 92058
Each strip tests for Free Chlorine, Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness and Cyanuric Acid levels. Simple to use, one-dip test strip with easy to read color chart on vial.    
poolife Algaecide 90 Algaecide - 1 qt

$30.99 $26.99

SKU: 62088
This long-lasting algaecide prevents and kills green, black and mustard algae. One treatment of this patented formula will help prevent algae growth in your swimming pool for up to three months!    
poolife AlgaeKill II Algaecide - 1 qt


SKU: 62070
This product is made especially to control the growth of algae in all types of swimming pools. Its long lasting action will control existing algae and subsequent doses will control re-contamination by algae. Treated water can be used immediately - no waiting to swim!      
poolife AlgaePhos Algaecide - 1 qt


SKU: 62068
poolife® AlgaePhos™ algaecide is a multi-action formula that prevents algae growth and reduces phosphate levels in your pool water.  Compatible with any type of pool sanitizer.  
Poolife Alkalinity Plus - 10 lb


SKU: 62129
poolife® Alkalinity Plus balancer raises the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. The ideal total alkalinity range is 60-120 ppm. Maintaining total alkalinity below 60 ppm may cause the pH to fluctuate excessively. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type Balancer
Poolife Back to Blue


SKU: 92106
If you are experiencing an algae bloom, which has turned your pool green, the poolife® Back to Blue® shock system can turn your pool sparkling blue again. This two-part system destroys the bacteria and algae that have taken over your pool and then makes it easy to vacuum out. At...
poolife Backwash Filter Cleaner - 1 qt


SKU: 62062
This product is chemically formulated to break down caked on oils and minerals on your sand filter, allowing them to be backwashed away. This results in a “like new” filter performance.  
Poolife Calcium Plus - 8 lb


SKU: 62156
poolife® Calcium Plus raises the calcium hardness of swimming pool water. The ideal calcium hardness range is 200-500ppm. Maintaining calcium hardness below 200ppm may cause corrosion of metal and plaster surfaces. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type Balancer
Poolife Cell Protect - 1 qt


SKU: 62086
Keep your salt system running efficiently. Cell Protect helps prevent deposits from forming on the cell and corrosion of electrodes. Initially, add 16 fl. oz. per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Weekly, add 4 fl. oz. per 10,000 gallons of pool water. Distribute the mixture around the perimeter of your...
Poolife Clean Shock - 1 lb


SKU: 52401
poolife® Clean Shock® shock treatment is an effective multi-purpose sanitizer & shock that protects against chlorine loss optimizing pool usage and swimmer comfort with no sediment.This product is convenient and easy to use to control the growth of algae, kill bacteria and destroy organic materials. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type...
poolife Defend+ Algaecide - 1 qt


SKU: 62076
poolife® Defend+® algaecide is a non-foaming algaecide that not only treats and prevents green, black and yellow algae, but also clarifies your pool water. This powerful formulation can be used for the prevention of future algae growth and the treatment of visible algae.  
Poolife Enzyme Clarifier - 1/2 gal

$24.99 $19.99

SKU: PL-62040
Suntan lotions, cosmetics and other oily materials can cause gross scum lines and clog filters. Enzyme Clarifier is the solution. This multi-action product helps increase the breakdown of oily organic material for clean, clear pool water and filter.  
poolife Filter Cleaner - 1 qt

$12.99 $10.99

SKU: 62007
poolife® Filter Cleaner is a product designed to remove oil, grease, dirt, and soap from all makes of cartridge filters. It is composed of an acidic solution which helps to break down organic and inorganic mater that accumulates in filters. poolife® Filter Cleaner works well with any type of filter....
poolife Flocculant - 2.25 lbs

$14.99 $11.99

SKU: 62075
poolife® Flocculant eliminates water haze and cloudy water in swimming pools. Can be used as either a pool flocculant or as a filter aid, depending upon the severity of the cloudiness.
poolife Gold Medal Clarifier - 1 qt


SKU: 62018
poolife® Gold Medal Clarifier clears and brightens cloudy water by coagulating suspended micro-size particles of dirt and other organic contaminants into masses large enough to be removed by the filter. Its unique color changing technology turns it from gold to blue to indicate that it’s working.    

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