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Fire Boat Squirter Pool Float


The Fire Boat Squirter Swimming Pool Float with constant supply water gun is the perfect addition to your swimming pool. At 60" in length, this fire boat is big enough for captain and first mate. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90752 Product Features Harbor patrol fire and rescue boat Constant...
Ultimate Floating Pool Lounger


This new type of Ultimate Floating Swimming Pool Lounger is covered by the same super strong nylon fabric used by rafts and tubes towed by speedboats. It is so rugged and durable, it will give you years of poolside fun. Super rigid and extra comfortable, the ultimate lounge chair boasts...
Log Flume Pool Joust Set


The Log Flume Swimming Pool Joust Set includes 2 inflatable logs and 2 inflatable log boppers. Just add kids, water and let the fun begin! Someone is gonna get dunked! Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9084 Product Features Complete with 2 logs and 2 boppers Heavy duty vinyl construction
Fabric Covered Designer Loop Lounge Floating Pool Chair


This attractive new Fabric Covered Floating Swimming Pool Chair is covered in durable nylon that is used by river rafts - so it is designed to last. Extra comfortable with a relaxing head rest, you can float suspended for hours while you sip cool drinks from either of the lounge's...
Swimline 66" Deluxe Swimming Pool Lounge Chair


The 66" Deluxe Swimming Pool Lounge Chair is fashionable and great for relaxation! Leg-through lounger with back support and drink holders. Assorted Colors. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9041
Ultimate Super-Sized Floating Pool Mattress


The Ultimate Super-Sized Floating Swimming Pool Mattress is covered by the same super-strong nylon fabric used for rafts and tubes towed by speedboats. It is rugged and durable for years of poolside relaxing. This floating mattress is sumptuously comfortable with its integral pillow. Soak up the sun this season with...
71" Pool Suntan Tub


Get your 71" Swimming Pool Reflective Suntan Tub today! Fill with water for an extra cool ride! The Ultimate comfort. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9052 Product Features Suntan style lounger with pillow Sturdy vinyl construction with grab rope Use as a tub, pool or float
UFO 45" Spaceship Pool Squirter


The UFO 45" Spaceship Swimming Pool Squirter is a super ride. Retro styling makes this inflatable ride-on really cool with kids. It comes equipped with its own ray gun (squirt gun) which makes this rideable out-of-this world. Made of heavy gauge vinyl the UFO measures 45" across. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer...
Giant Pretzel Pool Float


The Giant Pretzel pool float is a full 60" in size. This Giant Pretzel is big enough for three friends. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90640 Product Features 3 person giant pretzel A full 60" in size Great fun for all
Premium Water Hammock


Our Premium Water Hammock is a must for every swimming pool. Fabric covered sling with inflatable covered head and foot rests. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9044
The Sphere Floating Pool Habitat


Your kids will have a blast inside the Sphere Floating Swimming Pool Habitat. It is made of heavy gauge vinyl so it will withstand many hours of horsing around. Increase your kid's fun geometrically with the sphere. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9091 Product Features Measures 61" W x 53"...
Electric Inflatables Pump


High capacity electric pump for large inflatables complete with assorted nozzles. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9095 Product Features For all inflatables Inflates and deflates Multi-use nozzle set 12 foot heavy duty line cord
Giant Flamingo Swimming Pool Float


Generously sized yet graceful flamingo adds an inviting touch of the tropics to the swimming pool. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90627 Product Features Graceful giant flamingo A generous 78" in size Looks great in the pool
Fabric Covered U-Seat


Swimline Fabric Covered U-Seat is an inflatable lounger complete with head rest and drink holder. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90465 Product Features Comfortable fabric cover Complete with head rest and drink holder
Side by Side Inflatable Lounger


Our Side by Side Inflatable Lounger is a must for every swimming pool. Unique opposed design construction. Colorful, comfortable and fun for two! Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90412
Pillow Top Floating Pool Mattress w/ InstaFlate System


Our original floating mattress allows you to relax in ultimate comfort this season. The soft fabric top and removable pillow make the float extra relaxing. Made of heavy gauge vinyl, it has a handy drink holder built into the mattress. Comes with its own inflating pump and carrying bag. Manufacturer...

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