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SpaPure Spa Oxidizing Shock

from $9.99

Over time, spa water can look dull and the chemicals in the water don't work as well as they should. Use SpaPure Spa Oxidizing Shock as a fast acting, quick dissolving, non chlorinated oxidizing treatment. Oxygen based, non chlorine oxidizer Perfect companion for those using silver ion or similar mineral...
SpaPure Chlorinating Granules

from $11.99

Chlorine is fast acting in water. Our granular chlorine works well in a spa environment to disinfect and deliver clean fresh water, with minimal additions. Concentrated chlorine Quick dissolving Tiny doses to sanitize and disinfect
SpaPure Stain & Scale Preventer

from $7.99

One product that softens scale deposits and solves staining and discoloration due to metals in the water. Regular use prevents scale from forming on surfaces and sensitive equipment. Removes metallic stains Eliminates water discoloration Erodes existing scale Protects plumbing and equipment Prevents scale buildup especially around jets and inside equipment...
SpaPure pH Up - 1 lb


pH is vital to comfort and safety. Low pH makes water corrosive which is uncomfortable and will slowly eat away at the sensitive equipment in your spa. When pH is in the ideal range everything in the spa works better and the water is most comfortable to spa users. Fast...
SpaPure Simply Soft - 2 lb


This one time use product will make your skin feel soft while reducing eye and skin irritation. Fresh fragrance and moisturizers added Formulated pH neutral Does not contain any oils or additives that clog filters Gives water a soft, silky feel Perfect water clarity Reduces eye and skin irritation Prevents...
SpaPure Alkalinity Increaser

from $5.99

Alkalinity helps keep your pH in the ideal range. Even if pH is in range, low or high alkalinity can create havoc in your spa. Ultra fast dissolving Keeps pH levels stay at consistent levels Increases water comfort Protect spa and equipment
SpaPure Defoamer - 1 pt


Concentrated foam dispersant quickly eliminates unsightly foaming in spas. Will not clog filters Does not contain oils Quickly eliminates foaming Prevents foam from starting and accumulating
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SpaPure Multi Shock Extra - 2 lb


Fast acting and quick dissolving Multi Magic Extra is a great low chlorine dose maintenance product for spas. Add as needed to maintain or weekly to shock your spa. Multi-function oxidizer Fresh fragrance Destroys contaminants in water Enhances bather comfort Adds sparkle to clear water, brings clarity to dull water...
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SpaPure Brominating Tabs

from $24.99

Reliable sanitizing for safe spa or hot tub operation. Brominating Tabs are the best sanitizer for warm, heavily used water environments. Bromine continuously sanitizes the water regardless of conditions, which makes it the superior choice in spas. Unlike chlorine, bromine is effective regardless of the pH level in water.
SpaPure Clarifier - 1 pt


Highly concentrated clarifier for exceptionally clean, clear water. Used to help make good looking water great. Can also be used to fix not so great water. Concentrated liquid formation Quickly removes suspended particles to enhance water clarity
SpaPure Filter Cleaner - 1 pt


A spa filter removes a lot of stuff and almost all of it you cannot see. This cleaner will breakdown and remove all those things that a spa filter grabs, such as body oil, dead skin, dirt, and grease. Deep cleaning formulation Reusable cleansing mixture Improves filtration capacity of spa,...
SpaPure pH Down - 1.5 lb


pH is vital to comfort and safety. High pH will make water uncomfortable, lead to scale formation, and impacts the cleanliness of the water. When pH is in the ideal range everything in the spa works better and the water is most comfortable to spa users. Fast dissolving Increases water...
SpaPure EZ Enzyme - 1 pt


Add this one product, so you can use less of all the products needed to safely take care of your spa. Safely and naturally biodegrades wastes in water, reduces spa maintenance, and produce naturally cleaner spa water. Reduce chemical usage while producing results naturally. Helps to keep spa filters clean,...
SpaPure System Cleanse - 1 pt


Over time the spa internals accumulate an invisible layer of gunk. Gunk leads to cloudy water or other annoying water conditions. System Cleanse lifts gunk off plumbing walls and other surfaces so it can be removed once the spa water is drained. Cleansing action for everything the water touches Biodegradable...
SpaPure Hardness Increaser - 1 lb


Every body of water needs calcium in it. Too little calcium, water is corrosive and will damage the spa. Too much water will produce damaging and ugly scale. When levels are ideal you will prolong the life of your spa and provides the best bather comfort. If you have a...
SpaPure Natural Clear - 1 pt


Natural Clear is a effective biopolymer formula that picks up what others leave behind. Regular use removes oils, soaps, trace metals and other undesirable compounds. Continued use will allow more time between filter cleaning. All natural Biodegradable Concentrated Cannot overdose Rapidly causes particles that lead to water issues to come...

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