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Poolife Turbo Shock

from $6.99

poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment is a powerful treatment with more of the benefits pool owners look for. With 75% minimum available chlorine, poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment works fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves more quickly and completely and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work....
Poolife NST Chlorine Tablets

from $64.99

poolife® Exclusive Pool Care Collection NST™ is an alternative to 3" tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid. Perfect for use in a skimmer, this product will destroy bacteria and organic contaminants without over-stabilizing your pool water or adding additional cyanuric acid to your water. Each long-lasting tablet will continuously...
poolife Super AlgaeBomb 60 Algaecide - 1 qt


poolife® Super AlgaeBomb® 60 algaecide is the strongest poolife® liquid algaecide available. It is a non-foaming algaecide used to treat or prevent algae formation and growth in swimming pools, exterior spas, whirlpools, hot tubs, decorative fountains and synthetically-lined ponds that do not contain fish. It is also ideal for winterizing...
Poolife Stabilizer & Conditioner

from $7.99

poolife® Stabilizer & Conditioner balancer raises the stabilizer (cyanuric acid) level of swimming pool water. The ideal stabilizer range is 20-50ppm. Proper stabilizer levels stop the loss of chlorine caused by sunlight. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type Balancer
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Poolife MPT Extra 3" Chlorine Tablets

from $32.99

These unique poolife® MPT Extra™ 3" Chlorinating Tablets were developed using all-in-one technology to sanitize, prevent algae, staining and scaling and clarify and soften pool water. These proprietary tablets are sun protected for extended chlorine life and can be used in floaters, feeders or skimmers. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type...
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Poolife Rapid Shock - 1 lb


poolife® Rapid Shock® shock treatment is a fast dissolving formula for use weekly, after heavy pool usage, and after rain or windstorms. It works fast to bring your chlorine levels into balance, ridding the water of contaminants and keeping it ready for a refreshing, clean swim. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical...
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poolife Algaecide 90 Algaecide - 1 qt

$24.99 $17.99

This long-lasting algaecide prevents and kills green, black and mustard algae. One treatment of this patented formula will help prevent algae growth in your swimming pool for up to three months!    
Poolife pH Minus

from $6.99

poolife® pH Minus balancer lowers the pH of swimming pool water. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6. Maintaining a pH level above 7.6 keeps your sanitizer from working effectively and can cause scale, eye irritation and skin discomfort. This product also lowers the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. Manufacturer...
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poolife 6-Way Test Strips - 50 strips


Each strip tests for Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Cyanuric Acid levels. Simple to use, one-dip test strip with easy to read color chart on vial.    
poolife AlgaeKill II Algaecide - 1 qt


This product is made especially to control the growth of algae in all types of swimming pools. Its long lasting action will control existing algae and subsequent doses will control re-contamination by algae. Treated water can be used immediately - no waiting to swim!      
Poolife pH Plus

from $4.99

poolife® pH-Plus® balancer raises the pH of swimming pool water. The ideal pH range is 7.2-7.6. Maintaining a pH level below 7.2 keeps your sanitizer from working effectively and can cause equipment corrosion, eye irritation and skin discomfort. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type Balancer
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Poolife Alkalinity Plus

from $7.99

poolife® Alkalinity Plus balancer raises the total alkalinity of swimming pool water. The ideal total alkalinity range is 60-120 ppm. Maintaining total alkalinity below 60 ppm may cause the pH to fluctuate excessively. Manufacturer Poolife Pool Chemical Type Balancer
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Poolife Active Cleaning Caplets

from $22.99

With poolife® Brite Stix® sanitizer, you have access to a product that doesn’t just work harder, but smarter to offer long-lasting coverage for your water. Designed for multiple care defense and protection, poolife® Brite Stix® product sanitizes, controls algae and clarifies your water with a controlled delivery system for brilliant...
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Poolife Back to Blue


If you are experiencing an algae bloom, which has turned your pool green, the poolife® Back to Blue® shock system can turn your pool sparkling blue again. This two-part system destroys the bacteria and algae that have taken over your pool and then makes it easy to vacuum out. At...
poolife Enzyme for Pools - 1/2 gal


poolife® Enzyme for Pools quickly removes unsightly scum lines and protects filters from oily build-up and clogging.  Compatible with any type of pool sanitizer.  
poolife Phosphate Remover - 1 qt


Proven to eliminate phosphates sourced from pool chemicals, fertilizers, cleaners and other pollutants. Effective - 32 ounces removes 1,000 ppb phosphates in 20,000 gallons of pool water.

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