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10" Professional Floor and Wall Swimming Pool Brush


Heavy duty construction with extra thick 7 rows of nylon bristles. Maintenance Type Brushes & Nets Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 8235
18" Aluminum Backed Swimming Pool Floor and Wall Brush


This rugged Nylon Swimming Pool Wall Brush is specially molded with rounded corners and no sharp edges. Perfect for use on concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pools. Thick, nylon bristles remove the most stubborn dirt and stains and outlast cheaper plastic bristles. The wide face is reinforced with die-cast aluminum...
42" PowerBlaster Squirter


The 42" PowerBlaster Swimming Pool Squirter is a colorful graphic swim ring with a constant supply water pistol squirt gun. The PowerBlaster is made from heavy duty vinyl construction to withstand heavy use. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9075


Ladder Type Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 87958 Pool Type Weight Limit
48" Super Graphic Pool Ring


48" Super Graphic Swimming Pool Ring. A unique transparent/opaque super graphic print pattern design. Heavy duty construction Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9055
78" Inflatable Double Mattress


Our 78" Inflatable Double Mattress is a must for every swimming pool. French style 36 pocket two person double size air mattress. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9036
Battery Operated Swimming Pool Inflatables Pump


Use our battery powered pump to blow up all your swimming pool floats and poolside inflatables. The powerful dual pump action inflates and deflates pool inflatables. Comes with a 3 piece adapter set. Uses 4 D-Cell batteries (not included). Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9097 Product Features For all inflatables...
Butterfly Clips - Set of 3


Butterfly Clips - Set of 3, powerful spring action clips for attaching pool maintenance products (brushes, nets and vacuums). Maintenance Type Accessories Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 8955 Product Features Heavy duty construction Powerful spring action For vacs and accessories
Cast Aluminum Tube Thermometer


Cast aluminum tube thermometer for the pool and spa. Maintenance Type Thermometers Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 9205 Product Features Cast aluminum construction Easy to read magna view dual scale Accurately reads air on water temperature Rust proof case and nylon cord
Deluxe Stainless Steel Concrete Pool Brush - 10"


This Deluxe Stainless Steel Concrete Pool Brush has four rows of sturdy stainless steel bristles. Maintenance Type Brushes & Nets Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 8240 Product Features Ideal for concrete pool maintenance 4 rows of sturdy stainless steel bristles
Deluxe Two-Way OTO Pool Test Kit


The Deluxe Two-Way OTO Swimming Pool Test Kit test for chlorine/bromine and pH. Comes with OTO, Phenol Red, Test Vial, Instructions and Storage Case. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 8420 Testing Type Test Kits
Front Plate


Manufacturer Part # SW8945
Giant Black Swan Swimming Pool Float


The Giant Black Swan arrives with cool clear transparent top vinyl surface for extra comfort. Manufacturer Swimline Manufacturer Part # 90628 Product Features Graceful giant Black Swan A generous 79" in size Looks great in the pool

Showing: 1 - 16 of 94

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