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United Chemicals Pool Stain Treat - 2 lb


Pool Stain Treat is patented chelator and sequestriant. This means Pool Stain Treat dissolves stains of the surface of your pool. It then "traps" the stain causing metals in your water to prevent them from coming back. Pool Stain Treat has the strength to remove stains from any kind of...
Jack's Magic The Magenta Stuff - 1 qt

from $20.99

The Magenta Stuff is the most advanced start up and stain-fighting product available for a beautiful stain-free pool. The Magenta Stuff is 50% Stronger than other leading products; 1 quart treats 15,000 gallons. Fast-acting and long-lasting, this great new product helps removes stains & scale and protects all pool finishes...
Baquacil Oxidizer 1 gal x 4 - 1 Case


The Baquacil Oxidizer is a chlorine-free liquid oxidizer formulated with specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide used to clarify pool water by removing swimmer waste and other pool contaminants.The Baquacil Oxidizer is step 2 in the Baquacil System. The Baquacil Oxidizer is added weekly in the dosage of 1 quart per 10,000 gallons...

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Jack's Magic Salt Solution The Purple Stuff - 1 qt


(SALT SOLUTION) is the stain preventative of choice, and a must product for salt (chlorine) generator pools. Unlike traditional sequestering agents, The Purple Stuff works extremely well in high salt and high TDS pools. The Purple Stuff keeps silica in solution while greatly reducing the incidence of cell fouling (scaling)...
United Chemicals Yellow Treat - 2 lb


Yellow Treat’s patented formula is a powerful algaecide that works in conjunction with super chlorination. Yellow Treat accelerates chlorine's ability to kill algae by turning it into its strongest (oxidizing) state to burn through the algae in one powerful shot.Yellow Treat is the most trusted Algaecide for killing Mustard and...
Jack's Magic Metal Solution Too The Blue Stuff - 1 qt


The Blue Stuff does everything "The Pink Stuff" does and more. "The Blue Stuff"'s proprietary blend actually removes copper from the water. "The Blue Stuff" is also very stable in higher chlorine levels and can be used in many fountain and water feature applications. Dosage: Initially, add one quart (32oz.)...
Baquacil Sanitizer and Algistat - 1/2 gal


Baquacil Sanitizer and Algistat is a chlorine free water treatment chemical for the swimming pool. This is the principle chemical and step 1 of your Baquacil System. The principle chemical in the BAQUACIL Pool Care System. A polymer-based liquid sanitizer that provides safe, persistent control of bacteria and algae. It...
United Chemicals Pink Treat - 2 lb


Pink Treat's patented formula works in conjunction with super chlorination. Pink Treat accelerates chlorine's ability to kill bacteria by turning it into its strongest (oxidizing) state to burn through the bacteria in one powerful shot.Pink Treat kills Pink Algae and Bacteria to keep your pool clean and clear. Pink Treat...
SeaKlear 90 Day Algae Prevention and Remover - 1 qt


The industry's leading SeaKlear 90 Day Algae Prevention and Remover offers a 90 day no algae guarantee when used according to the directions in properly maintained and balanced pool water. SeaKlear 90 Day Algae Prevention and Remover must be used along with adequate levels of an EPA registered sanitizer (e.g....
Baquacil Algicide - 1 qt


Baquacil Algicide is a preventative solution against algae. Baquacil Algicide should be used with the Sanitizer and Algistat and Oxidizer in a Baquacil System swimming pool.A liquid algicide that's proven effective against a wide range of slime and algae, including common types such as green, black, and mustard algae. Manufacturer...
Jack's Magic Filter Fiber Stuff

from $4.99

The Filter Fiber Stuff combines high performance, outstanding value, and environmentally friendly features into one great product. When used as a safe alternative to DE in DE filters, The Filter Fiber Stuff requires less than half the amount of product (by weight) than needed when using DE. It can be...
Baquacil Flocculant - 1.5 lb


The Baquacil Floc can be used as a flocculant or filter aid. As a flocculant, the cloudy particles will coagulate together making them easier to vacuum. As a filter aid, the Baquacil Flocculant will help your filter trap smaller particles.An iron-free aluminum sulfate compound used to treat persistent haze. Used...
GLB Small 1" Tablets - 2 lbs


GLB one-half ounce tablets provide 90% available stabilized chlorine. These tablets can be used in floaters, feeders and skimmers. Dosage 1 tablet per 450 to 900 gallons every week or as often as needed to maintain a chlorine residual at 1.0 to 4.0 ppm Manufacturer GLB Manufacturer Part # 71250A...
United Chemicals No Mor Problems - Gallon


No Mor Problems is a patented algaecide that kills algae by activating chlorine in water. When chlorine is added to water it often reacts with things more than just algae. This locks up the chlorine in unusable compounds and reduces its ability to kill algae. No Mor Problems® reacts with...
Jack's Magic Stain Solution #1 The Iron, Cobalt & Etching Stuff - 2 lb


Jack's Magic Stain Solution #1 is a non-acidic product for removing iron, cobalt, and spot-etching stains from all types of pool surfaces without draining the pool. The Iron, Cobalt & Spot Etching Stuff will normally remove these stains easily and effectively within 48 hours, with minimal rebalancing of other pool...
Robarb Super Blue Water Clarifier


Super Blue crystal clear is the original pool water polisher. Its thick, highly concentrated formulation is designed to clear cloudy water fast. Regular use of Super Blue reduces the buildup of fine particles in pool water so that your sanitizer or algaecide is free to keep your pool water clear...

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