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Aquascape 10" Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser 61010


SKU: AS-61010
The Aquascape 10” Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser is the ideal aeration diffuser for most ponds and water features. The self-cleaning EPDM rubber membrane expands to release debris, making it clog and maintenance free. Heavy-duty construction ensures year after year of reliable use. The 10” Rubber Membrane Aeration Diffuser is compatible...
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Aquascape Pond Aerator Aeration Disc 75005


SKU: AS-75005
The Aquascape Pond Aerator Replacement Aeration Disc is used in conjunction with an aerator or air pump to help provide proper aeration, improving water quality and fish health. The disc can be anchored or concealed with small rocks or gravel, making it easy to set in your desired location. The...

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